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Latest version: 3.35x, 21 September 2002
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Wordfast is a Translation Memory engine available for Microsoft Word on PC and Mac (see our platform compatibility chart). It offers real-time terminology & typography control, compatibility with TMX, Trados, IBM Translation Manager etc.

You can download Wordfast in 2 minutes at 56Kbps (file size: 470 Kbytes). The unregistered version is limited in TM size (256 units).

see comparison chart with competition

Download the English manual or click the "manuals" link above for manuals in other languages.

+Tools offers a comprehensive set of tools, allowing the automatization of basic tasks on hundreds of files (search/replace, character conversions, format conversions, statistics, password recovery etc). A basic text alignment feature is provided, as well as a glossary editor. +Tools is freeware.

+Tools downloads in about 1 minute, documentation included (file size: 200 Kbytes). The current version is dated  9th May, 2003.


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